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The 2019 Edition of XL Lagares not only started the all-important 2019 edition of the W.E.S.S (World Enduro Super Series) series, but also the start off a brutal year racing. This is often used as a benchmark to see who has put in the time and effort in the “off-season” and who is already falling behind.

A fan favourite is definitely the enduro-cross as it is always so unpredictable and there is so little room for any mistakes. The Enduro-cross consists of 6 qualifying heats, 2 semi-finals and a final. The riders have 6 minutes to clock the quickest lap time possible to qualify for the semis where they will have the chance to race in the final.

The top 3 from each heat were as follows:
1) Manuel Lettenbichler 2) William Hoare 3) Graham Jarvis
1) Jonathan Richardson 2) Pol Tarres 3) Enrico Rinaldi
1) Jonny Walker 2) Josep Garcia 3) Diogo Viera
1) Travis Teasdale 2) Leon Hentchel 3) David Cyprian
1) Xavi Leon Sole 2) Emil Juszczak 3) Quinn Ewntzel
1) Taddy Blazusiak 2) Alfredo Gomez 3) Billy Bolt 4) Wade Young

With the heats done, it makes way for the Semi-finals, where only the fastest 5 riders would advance from each for the main final.

Semi-Final results were as follows:
Semi-Final 1:
1) Jonny Walker 2) Manuel Lettenbichler 3) Josep Garcia 4) Alfredo Gomez 5) Travis Teasale
Semi-Final 2:
1) Taddy Blazusiak 2) Wade Young 3) Pol Tarres 4) Graham Jarvis 5) Mario Roman

In a shock result, last year’s XL Lagares winner as well as the 2018 W.E.S.S Champion Billy Bolt would not make it into the final after having issues at the rock garden. It was anyone’s race to lose (or win) at this point.

The final consisted of the fastest 10 riders and made for an action-packed final. Manuel Lettenbichler gets the holeshot and is closely followed by Josep Garcia and Taddy Blazusiak. Taddy makes a move quite quickly on the German rider to grab the lead. Moments later, Lettenbichler makes an error and falls in the rocks, allowing Walker to take over the second spot. Without much effort, he passes Taddy to cement his lead.

The top 5 from the Final are as follows:
1) Jonny Walker 2) Taddy Blazusiak 3) Manuel Lettenbichler 4) Alfredo Gomez 5) Josep Garcia

The fastest times from throughout the night will add up and determine race times for day 3’smain race. The top 5 times for the evening were as follows:
1) Manuel Lettenbichler 2) Taddy Blazusiak 3) Jonny Walker 4) Billy Bolt 5) Alfredo Gomez

Day 2 saw the Prologue take place in the heart of Porto’s city.
The starting order is determined in numerical order. It is important to note that the fastest lap for the enduro-cross and the fastest lap for the prologue added together would determine their starting positions for the main race on day 3.
The fastest 10 riders would make up the starting order for the Prologue Super Final. The Top 10 (in fastest times) were: Alfredo Gomez, Taddy Blazusiak, Manuel Lettenbichler, Wade Young, Billy Bolt, Jonny Walker, Diogo Vieira, Mario Roman, Graham Jarvis and Travis Teasdale. The Super Final saw an incredible start from Alfredo Gomez who got a pretty clean holeshot, he was closely followed by Taddy and Lettenbichler.

Unfortunately Taddy made a mistake going up one of the stair sections, holding up the riders behind him. Jonny Walker attempted to make a move for 4th but missed the pallet and he and his bike ended up in the river. It was definitely not something we are all used to seeing when it comes to Hard-Enduro.

The Top 5 from the Super-Final were as follows:
1) Alfredo Gomez 2) Taddy Blazusiak 3) Billy Bolt 4) Manuel Lettenbichler 5) Wade Young.

Day 3 saw the start of the main race.
Alfredo Gomez led out the riders for the main race, as the third and final day began. This was the race that everyone was most excited about. The riders followed suit, with 15 second intervals between them. The first obstacle saw the riders tackle the enduro cross course that they rode on day 1, and then head out for the real “test”. After the first obstacle, Alfredo has lost his lead as both Taddy Blazusiak and Manuel Lettenbichler had made moves on the Spanish rider. Soon after taking the lead, Taddy struggles through a rock section allowing both Manuel Lettenbichler.

Jonny Walker also gets by Taddy. In an effort to catch Manuel, Jonny pushes and makes a mistake, resulting in a crash where he seems to have injured his thumb. Upfront, Manuel Lettenbichler has a solid lead of 3 minutes 54 seconds ahead of Wade Young and Jonny Walker. The German making minimal mistakes,allowing no space for the following riders to catch-up. At the end of lap 1, Manuel Lettenbichler has a solid lead over his rivals. The results after lap 1 were as follows:
1) Manuel Lettenbichler
2) Graham Javris (+00:04:16)
3) Billy Bolt (+00:05:26)
4) Wade Young (+00:05:32)
5) Alfredo Gomez (+00:13:36)

*Photo credit: Future 7 Media

Manuel Lettenbichler starts the second lap where he has to get through all the “back-markers” and attempt to retain his lead. Wade Young makes a quick pass on Manuel to take over the lead, but unfortunately this is short lived as he is passed by Sherco team-mate, Mario Roman. After suffering bad-luck for the last win, Mario Roman took the win at the 2019 Edition of XL Lagares.

The top 10 riders were as follows:
1) Mario Roman 2) Wade Young 3) Manuel Lettenbichler 4) Graham Jarvis 5) Billy Bolt 6) Jonny Walker 7) Alfredo Gomez 8) Taddy Blazusiak 9) Travis Teasdale 10) Jonathan Richardson.

With such a massive comeback from Mario Roman, it just shows everyone how unpredictable the Hard-Enduro races are and how anyone can truly win it. We are definitely excited to see what the remainder of the 2019 W.E.S.S series has to offer and see whether we will see more first-time winners like we did last year.

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