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Slowly coming a household name in the hard-enduro scene, not only in KZN but throughout the country – we sat down with William Slater to find out what motivates him to be the best and to see what his plans are for 2019.

Enduro Tours: Everyone has that one moment when they get on a bike and it just sticks, what are your earliest memories of riding?
William Slater: Well, I only started riding when I was 17. So, it was probably trying to learn how to pull off without stalling in my garden.

Enduro Tours: Do you remember your first race, and how it went or where it was?
William Slater: It was a KZN Harescramble. All my mates lapped me but then I remember pulling them all out of a huge mud hole a little later on. I only managed one lap - haha.

Enduro Tours: Growing up, who were the rider(s) you looked up to the most as a role model?
William Slater: I would say Chris Birch.

Enduro Tours: What are does your training routine consist of, on and off the bike?
William Slater: I try ride when work allows. Then cycle and spin. I Also gym a bit.

Enduro Tours: What would be your definition of “perfect” racing conditions?
William Slater: Good question. I think super technical and wet. Gullys, long passes and sections that require quite a bit of skill to get up.

Enduro Tours: When it comes to pressure at races, do you try ignore the pressure or do you welcome it?
William Slater: I try ignore when people talk about the competition or the track. I would rather just lay it all out there come race day.

Enduro Tours: What is the song you listen to the most, to get you ready and in the mood for racing?
William Slater: Enya.

Enduro Tours: What racing series will you be doing this year?
William Slater: The WFO Enduro series, the Lowveld Enduro series, National Enduros. Any other cool event that comes around, and finally – Erzburg-rodeo.

Enduro Tours: If you could give your younger-self, at your first race some advice - what would it be?
William Slater: Just be patient everything will come. Just be consistent and patient.

Enduro Tours: Of everything you have accomplished throughout your racing career, is there a single moment that stands out the most?
William Slater: The first time I hung with the big boys at a race. Everything just flowed and it was then that I wanted to take my riding to the next level.


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