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When it comes to the enduro and hard-enduro community within South Africa, there are very few names that stick out as “Wade Young”. Not only is he one of the most iconic names here, but he is just as iconic on an International scale.

We sat down with the 23-year-old to hear where he started, and where we can follow him – heading into the 2019 Hard-Enduro calender.

Enduro Tours: Everyone has that one moment when they get on a bike and it just sticks, what are your earliest memories of riding?
Wade Young: Some of my earliest memories of riding was my first race, it was a regional harescramble. I was 8 years old, and on a KTM 65. Pretty much the entire race I couldn’t believe that I was racing and that was all I ever dreamt about. That was definitely the earliest memory I have on a motorbike.

Enduro Tours: Do you remember your first race, and how it went or where it was?
Wade Young: The first question, going into the second question. My first race was a regional harescramble in Kwazulu-Natal - I finished second in that race, in the pro 65 class.

Enduro Tours: Growing up, who were the rider(s) you looked up to the most as a role model?
Wade Young: : The riders I looked up to growing up were definitely Jade Gutzeit and Marc Torlage. I think more so Marc Torlage as we were practically neighbours on the farm and his dad actually got me into riding. My dad would take Marc to some of the races when Denzil couldn’t.

Enduro Tours: What are does your training routine consist of, on and off the bike?
Wade Young: : I mix it up all the time. Mainly, riding my bike obviously. Also cycling, running and a little of functional gym training.

Enduro Tours: What would be your definition of “perfect” racing conditions?
Wade Young: It would definitely be no dust, no branches or bushes on the track. Just open trial, just good hard riding.

Enduro Tours: When it comes to pressure at races, do you try ignore the pressure or do you welcome it?
Wade Young: : I don’t mind the pressure too much. I feel like if I am having a good day and comfortable with the bike, I do not feel the pressure.

Enduro Tours: What is the song you listen to the most, to get you ready and in the mood for racing?
Wade Young: : I don’t really have any song I listen to before a race like that. I listen to a lot of music. Whatever is on my latest Soundcloud’s list.

Enduro Tours: What racing series will you be doing this year?
Wade Young: I will be competing in a few series. I will be doing a few of the South African national endure championships, and some of the WESS races overseas but I won’t be doing a full championship. I will be mainly be doing the main extreme enduro events overseas and that is my main focus.

Enduro Tours: If you could give your younger-self, at your first race some advice - what would it be?
Wade Young: : Just to enjoy it, I remember how happy and excited I was when I first started and when I started wanting to win, just be consistent and ride within yourself, relax and “just breathe”.

Enduro Tours: Of everything you have accomplished throughout your racing career, is there a single moment that stands out the most?
Wade Young: : Definitely one memory that stands out for me, would be winning the Roof of Africa at 16 years old. It was a real underdog story. It wasn’t really expected and I had no expectations. I really surprised myself.


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