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For many years, Thor has been a stable for riders – whether it is for young riders who are getting their first pair of riding boots, people who are getting into the sport or the general rider. There are very few riders out there that cannot say that they’ve had a pair of Thor boots at any given time.

Just having a look at the boot, it is clear to see that a lot of time and effort has gone into this boot and it definitely is a good looking boot. When we have a look at the construction of the boot working the way up the medial side, there is a rubber like material which has a lot of grip to it which will help with the gripping of the bike.

With the heal cup, you will see there is quite a big piece of injected-mould plastic and lots of hard plastic around the calf area as well as the lateral side of the boot. The lowest buckle has a small piece of raised plastic, which will allow protection for the buckle when riding and in case of a fall.

Something that is notably different on the Radial boot is the three buckle design. The design of the buckles is simple and easy to use, which is always a welcomed perk. Another perk is the fact that the buckles are all replaceable.

On the lateral and medial side of the boot, you have a Radial hinge which helps a lot with the flex of the boot and allows for better movement when riding. There is also a hinge that allows your boot to flex but also there is a point that will buffer ultimately protect your leg and prevent hyper-extension. In terms of sizing, it fits “true to size” so you won’t have much issue with sizing. It is important to remember that the boot will mould and break-in even more as you wear them.

The toe-box is wide which is a welcomed perk for riders who may have wider feet as this can be an issue with other brands. It is also somewhat low profile which will help with the changing of gears in incidents where a quick response is needed.

Another welcomed perk is the boot itself is somewhat wider at the top, which is great for riders who do have bigger calves or riders with knee braces. Finally, different design is the sole of the boot. It is a different rubber compound which also adds to the amount of grip which allows for better riding.

The sole is also replaceable which is definitely a plus if you are hard on your boots or riding terrains that will cause them to wear down quicker. With so many talking points for such a well-priced boot, will we see more and more riders out there with them on ? Only time will tell.

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