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Maxxis Super Enduro Round 5

Coming into fifth and final round of the championship, there was a 3-way scrap for top honours between Taddy Blazusiak, Cody Webb and Colton Haaker. In a sport as unpredictable as Super Enduro, it was really anybody’s race and championship to win (or lose).

Final 1:

The race started with a clean holeshot from Taddy Blazusiak, closely followed by championship rival (and KTM Factory Redbull teammate) Cody Webb and Alfredo Gomez. The chasing packed followed closely. Cody Webb and Alfredo Gomez were able to get away, with Taddy having trouble with the first log section of the race but corrected and caught up with real drive.

Colton Haaker was less lucky, as he was caught out by the exact same log section and also getting caught-up between some of the other riders, as well. Taddy and Cody were riding hard, and waiting for each other to make mistakes so the other could take over. The pair came up to the infamous log section where there were a number of riders struggling to get through.

The race directors had to take action as this section was catching out too many riders, this resulted in them “red-flagging” the race. This meant that this would be labelled as a “false final”. This resulted in some very quick track maintenance was made, with the first log being removed.

Final 1 (second-run):

With the restart of the final, we saw championship hopeful Colton Haaker get a much better start ahead of a chasing duo of Colton Haaker and Cody Webb, but Taddy was quick to make a move and made a smooth block-pass to secure the lead. Cody Webb was pushing hard, as he needed the best result possible to have a chance at retaining the title. Colton Haaker made a small error, allowing Cody Webb to get by and take over the number two spot. Taddy made a small fumble as well. With that, Cody was able to go from third, to first.

It was clear to see that both Colton Haaker and Cody Webb were pushing themselves to the absolute limit and trying to find even quicker lines to capitalise on time – this was seen in their “silly” mistakes over the various obstacles. The final was eventually won by Cody Webb, followed by Taddy Blazusiak and Colton Haaker.

Final 2:

The second final saw the “reverse grid” start, as always with the faster riders starting in the second row. The second final began and there the holeshot was won by South Africa’s very own Blake Gutzeit, aboard his Husqvarna but unfortunately he was caught out by the log section.

Colton Haaker was leading against Cody Webb as they came through the field of the slower riders; Haaker needed the best result to secure more points in his hunt for the championship. It looked as though with everything Cody Webb did to make time up on Colton Haaker, his opponent had just as many answers. Colton Haaker would take the win in the second final of the evening.

Final 3:

With everything on the line in the final race of the series, Colton Haaker needed to secure a 4th place or better in the final to secure the title. From the start, it was clear that Cody Webb had every intention of winning this race as he rocketed his way forward to secure the holeshot ahead of Taddy Blazusiak and Alfredo Gomez, followed by a chasing Colton Haaker. Taddy made a small error going through the logs, resulting in him coming off of the bike.

Colton Haaker was in trouble. He had Taddy Blazusiak chasing and kept making small errors which cost him seconds each time. Colton Haaker continued to struggle and made more mistakes. Cody Web secured the win for the third final, but instantly stopped to watch the remainder of the race as it was unclear whether he would win or not. In the most dramatic fashion, Alfredo Gomez block passed a rider but also stopped them both – allowing for Colton Haaker to get by the pair and allowing him to win the championship. Cody Webb finished the championship in a respectable second, and Taddy finished third.

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