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Maxxis Super Enduro Round 4 - Hungary

Heading into round 4 of the MAXXIS Super Enduro Championship, we not only had a new winner for round 3 but we also had a new rider on the podium, with Colton Haaker securing his first win of the season as well as Pol Tarras securing a third in Spain.

With Cody Webb and Taddy Blazusiak suffering issues in round 3, Colton Haaker would take over the points lead heading round 4 with the red plate on-board the #10.

Final 1:

With the holeshot being part of the riders success throughout the previous rounds, it was no surprise to see Cody Webb capitalize and get the holeshot ahead of Kevin Gallas, Alfredo Gomez and Taddy Blazusiak, After a terrible start, the points leader Colton Haaker would have to find a rhythm and fight his way through the pack. Cody Webb looked comfortable out front, with Blazusiak trying his absolute hardest to put some pressure on the American.

Colton Haaker would fight his way through all the traffic to slot himself into the third position, putting the pressure back on Taddy Blazusiak who he was catching. With the final moments of the first final of the evening, it was Colton Haaker vs Taddy Blazusiak, with both riders fighting as hard as they could to secure that second position. It would eventually end with Taddy securing the second spot just ahead of Colton Haaker who was able to fight back after such a miserable start, behind Cody Webb would take the win in the opening final of the evening.

Final 2:

As always, the second final introduced the “reverse grid” which allowed the slower riders to get the opportunity to start out front. Haaker and Alfredo Gomez would both make great jumps from the reversed grid, with both being able to get off the line in top 5 positions. Unfortunately, Taddy Blazusiak and Cody Webb were not as lucky, as the two Factory Red Bull KTM riders were stuck behind the slower traffic – left with the battle of trying to get passed everyone with enough time to challenge for valuable points.

Cody Webb would try his best to get through the pack as quickly as possible but the American seemed as if he had wasted too much time and energy with battling through the traffic. The second final would end of the “Colton Haaker Show” as the Husqvarna rider rode without any challenges, securing the second final win ahead of Taddy Blazusiak and Cody Webb.

Final 3:

With the final race of the evening approaching it was anybody’s race to lose, with the top 3 showing some incredible speed – your guess would be as good as ours as to who would take the third and final race of the evening. It was Taddy Blazusiak who got the final holeshot, showing the kind of sleep we have come to expect from the Polish rider ahead of Colton Haaker, Cody Webb and South Africa’s very own, Blake Gutzeit. The final round was a battle that we have seen throughout the 2019 season against: Taddy Blazusiak, Cody Webb and Colton Haaker. It seemed as through none of them were wanting to leave anything on the line, giving their all and making no mistakes. In the end, it was Taddy Blazusiak who made the least “mistakes” to claim the third and final race of the evening, just ahead of Colton Haaker and Cody Webb. This would be enough for him to claim the overall victory for the fourth round of the championship, ahead of Cody Webb (2nd) and Colton Haaker (3rd).

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