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Maxxis Super Enduro Round 3 - Spain

Heading into round 3, it was clear that it was a three-rider race for the championship with Cody Webb, Colton Haaker and Taddy Blazusiak showing everyone else in the field why they were the favourites heading into the 2019 season.

With that being said, the question was, would anyone else be able to make their way into the podium spots or possibly even challenge for a win in one of the three finals on offer at each round?

Final 1:

Both Taddy Blazusiak and Colton Haaker were strong off the start, with the American grabbing the holeshot with the narrowest of margins ahead of the Polish rider, with Cody Webb and Alfredo Gomez close behind. The back of the field tried their best to keep up with the pace of the front four, but the rock garden caught out more than its fair-share of riders. The first final was all Colton Haaker who was chasing his first final victory of the campaign, ahead of Taddy Blazusiak and Cody Webb.

Within a few laps, the front runners all sorted encountering issues with slower riders in the back of the field with Taddy and Colton both almost making mistakes at the helm of other riders. It would end with Colton Haaker taking the first final of the evening, as well as the first final win for his 2019 campaign. Would this be the start of his dominance of the remainder of the season, or would it continue to be split between Blazusiak, Webb and Haaker?

Final 2:

The second final of the night saw the “reverse grid” coming into play with the riders ranked from last to first in their gate choices which often caused somewhat of an upset with only the quickest riders being able to capitalize and utilize such an advantage.

With the slower riders out front, there was some traffic heading into the first turn, but the real test would be the second obstacle would be known as the “tank jump” with many of the slower riders being caught out, with Kevin Gallas failing to get over it. This would cause chaos behind him, with Colton Haaker and Taddy Blazusiak crashing into one another with both riders having to get back up as quickly as possible so they could fight their way back from the back of the pack.

Cody Webb was able to get passed the slower riders with ease, passing the home favourite Pol Tarras. Colton Haaker and Taddy Blazusiak were both in recovery-mode after that first lap split that cost them both so much time, both trying to salvage as many points as possible.

But it was Cody Webb who was able to keep his head down and come out with the second final win of the evening, doing it with some style as everyone else around him seemed flustered to hold onto that red plate. With a single corner to go, Colton Haaker made a mistake, allowing Blazusiak to make up time. With the two riders both pushing on the final jump to secure the second spot, however the two riders collided over the finish line with Haaker securing a second spot.It was another story for Blazusiak however, who crashed out and injuring his shoulder in the process. Blazusiak was not registered as a “finisher” for round 2.

Final 3:

The third and final race of the evening started much like the first final, with Colton Haaker securing the holeshot a mere millisecond ahead of the ever-chasing Cody Webb and Taddy Blazusiak. With the second final of the evening being classified as a “did not finish” for Taddy Blazusiak, his (bad) luck would continue in the third final with a small tumble in the rock garden – he would remount to try and secure as many points as he could to make up from his non-scoring second round. It was the Cody Webb vs Colton Haaker showdown, with the overall up for grabs for whoever won the race, with Colton Haaker ahead with the smallest of margins.

The smallest error from Cody Webb having a mechanical issue, with his chain coming off. Cody Webb would frantically try everything in his power to remount and fix his change to salvage some points for the championship. Alfredo Gomez, who suffered an injury in the previous round, would ride comfortably in second place behind his team-mate.

Cody Webb was able to rejoin the race, fixing it in time to possibly score some value points in his hunt to retain his championship. It was however too late, as Colton Haaker was able to secure his second final win of the evening and his first overall of the season, with Cody Webb securing a 2nd and Pol Tarres rounding off the final step of the podium with a 3rd at his home race in Spain.

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