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Maxxis Super Enduro Round 2 - Germany

A fan-favourite of the Super Enduro circuit, Germany hosted the second round of the MAXXIS Super Enduro FIM World Championship. With some exciting racing happening, it was anybodies as to who would be able to walk away with the overall win on the night.

Final one:

With not much of a surprise - Taddy was able to take the early lead, almost crashing into Colton Haaker who ultimately ended up crashing into fellow Husqvarna team mate Alfredo Gomez. Gomez would suffer an injury, leading to the final being red flagged - they would restart the race. With the restart, Taddy was able to get a narrow hole shot - followed very closely by Colton Haaker, Blake Gutzeit in third (he would later DNF the first final of the evening). Cody Webb tried working his way through the field, ultimately pulling away to get a solid lead. A very strong showing allowed him to claim yet another final win, having won 2 the year prior.

Final 2:

With the second final starting, the reverse grid start came into play. Cody Webb being the only pro who was able to capitalize on the reverse grid start with the others falling back.

Ultimately, Taddy would fight hard to get himself into a solid podium spot. However, a silly mistake from Taddy would allow for Colton to get by the Polish rider - allowing Haaker to slot into the number 2 spot.

With Haaker back in second, it looked as if he was on his way to a great second place ride however it was not to be with a silly mistake allowing Taddy to slot back into a second position.

This was not the end of the drama for final 2, with Taddy making a mistake in the rock section - allowing Haaker to reclaim his second place. Webb, would go on and win the second final.

Final 3:

Taddy once again was very strong off the jump, holeshotting once more. Cody Webb would want a solid finish in the third and final race as he went 1-1 in the first two finals.

A great race from Taddy who was able to lead rather comfortably from start to finish without much pressure from either Cody or Colton. Cody Webb would ultimately end the evening as the overall winner, but also the leader in points heading into the third round.

Cody Webb securing a great win for the evening ahead of Taddy Blazusiak (2nd) and Colton Haaker (3rd).

Points after round 2:

1. Cody Webb (USA) (KTM) - 109
2. Taddy Blazusiak (Poland) (KTM) - 107
3. Colton Haaker (USA) (Husqvarna) - 101
4. Kevin Gallas (Germany) (Husqvarna) - 58
5. Pol Tarres (Spain) (Husqvarna) - 56
8. Blake Gutzeit (South Africa) (Husqvarna) – 41

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