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Maxxis Super Enduro Round 1 - Poland

As the first round of the Super Enduro came closer, the new team speculation became more and more prominent. The big news was South Africa’s very own, Blake Gutzeit was announced as part of the X-Grip Husqvarna team - starting a new chapter without Yamaha who he won his junior world title with.

Final one:

Taddy Blazusiak wanted to continue his unbeaten run at his home race. He took the hole shot, and maintained his lead throughout the first final without much hassle. Alfredo Gomez however had a different story, taking himself, Cody Webb as well as Kevin Gallias out - opening a big gap for Taddy. Colton Haaker, however, had a different night falling to lose second to Cody Webb - ending up with a third place finish at the end of the first final.

Final 2:

Final 2 saw the start of the race with the reverse grid format where Blake Gutzeit was able to start well along with Kevin Gallias ahead of Taddy. Taddy was able to pull through, getting around his American rivals Cody Webb and Colton Haaker. With a reverse of final 1, Cody Webb was the one making mistakes ahead of Colton Haaker.

Final 3:

After such a great start to the first two finals, Taddy made an unexpected mistake right off the start. He falls going over the first jump, almost taking out Cody Webb and Alfredo Gomez in the process.

He had to fight back all the way back from 14th, trying to find an overall win to continue his winning streak in Poland. Alfredo Gomez battled alongside the two Americans for the most part. Cody Webb pushing too hard whilst battling led to a silly mistake allowing Alfredo to get further ahead and allow Colton Haaker to get by with ease. Unfortunately for Haaker, another crash in the evening allowed for Cody Webb to get by to regain his second overall. Could this be enough to break Taddy’s record?

Every point mattered.

In the end, Alfredo Gomez was able to claim the win in final 3 - securing his 20 points for the win. Taddy however, was good enough to claim the overall win ahead of Cody Webb (2nd) and Colton Haaker (3rd). This meant that this was the third year in a row that Taddy was able to take the win on home soil.

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