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POD K8 2.0

With such a great response from the post about the all new POD K4 2.0 knee braces, we decided to dig a bit deeper and see what the POD K8 2.0’s had to offer.

The all new POD K8 2.0 will be replacing the old PO K8 new braces, which is POD’s full carbon knee brace and their “top of the range” model. They might rather similar to the old knee braces, but they are different and do have a lot of new features as well as a lot of new technology to make them even safer than what they already were.

The first point will be the frame of the knee brace, as it is what catches your eyes first. With the all new K8, you are still getting the carbon fibre frame as you did with older version but with an all-new colour scheme.

On the top, they have what they call their “Adaptive Cup System” which does allow a bit of flex which helps when fitting the braces to fit perfectly, there is also a decent amount of flex on the bottom as well.

The new knee cup design, it is an overlapping system which keeps it lower profile which means it will fit better if you are a rider who wears gear that is more of an “athletic” fit.

The hinges on the brace itself are lower profile, which means it helps you feel like you are closer to the bike without having how you feel your grip is compromised.

Looking at the inside of the brace, there is also a lot of changes. The foam on the top of the brace is now designed not to absorb moisture. The straps are all numbered, which ensures that they are put on in the right order and are there to ensure they fit as best as possible. The great thing about the strap system is the fact that once they are set-in place, you can simply unclip them opposed to having to strap them in and out, constantly. Unfortunately the two middle straps, you do have to strap in and strap out the whole time.

POD has a system called “Human Motion” which is a patented. This system uses a synthetic “ligament” system that mimics the motion of a human’s leg as true as possible. It was introduced because your knee and leg are moving a lot more than what we realise and this allows movement, and not just keeping it rigid. The ligament system is fully replaceable as they will wear after time.

Not only is POD’s ligament system replaceable, but there is a large portion of their components that are as well. POD is always trying to make riding safer, which means less time worrying about getting hurt – which a definite plus.

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