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POD K4 2.0

If you aren’t already familiar with POD knees braces, they are known for being one of the most comfortable knee braces on the market but also one of the more afford braces available as well.

POD has now introduced the all-new “POD K4 2.0”which not only boasts a new design but a whole bunch of new safety features. The chasis of the brace itself has not changed all that much as it was already a great base to work off of.

Onto the hinge system - which is one of POD’s biggest selling points. This version of their ligament is 5-times stronger, they claim.

The movement of the brace have a very “natural” feel, almost imitating the movements of the human leg and ligaments. The flex within the brace stops just before hyperextension so it gives you the necessary protection from possible knee injuries such as ACL damage.

The ligaments in the housing are replaceable.

However, a notable difference to other braces is the “Adaptive Cuff” which allows for more flexibility and also helps spread the energy that is being absorbed by the chasis. Often, other braces send that energy into your leg.

Another big selling point when it comes to POD is the fact that you are able to replace a large portion of the braces and it can be done by yourself, opposed to having to send the brace(s) in to be repaired. This is extremely helpful if you are someone who rides often as it minimizes down-time, as well as the risk of injuries.

With a lot more professional riders making the switch to “athletic” fitting gear where it is somewhat tighter fitting than your standard gear, POD has provided for that and they promise that with this gear you will stop be able to move “freely” which is also a great selling point of the braces.

The straps are also rather interesting.

The top and bottom straps have got quick release mechanisms which allows for the brace to come off quite quickly and efficiently. Not only is there padding on the inside of the brace, but the padding continues on the straps. This adds to the comfort, stops the straps from digging into your leg and also keeps from the knee brace from sliding-down. For those who are looking for all these great features but wanting a lighter feel, or a carbon face – POD also has the K8 option.

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