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If you were a fan of episode one of “Nuts and Boltons” then you are in for a treat. Not only do we have Paul and Lisa Bolton vlogging their experiences but they are joined by Mani Lettenbichler as a collaborative effort as Paul is out injured and Mani is in Portugal for the race 1 of the W.E.S.S series.

In the opening scene, we see Paul Bolton outside on the back “porch” as he introduces the episode, as well as announces that Mani Lettenbichler would be a part of the episode as a co-host.

Mani takes us on the track-walk for XL Lagares which as always, features some incredible scenery but even better riding conditions. The first he shows us is an awesome looking climb with a lot of broken off rock, making for some difficult climbing as the day progresses on. He also shows off an awesome riverbed section, displaying two separate techniques and lines that he could possibly hit to make up the most time.

It transitions back to Paul, who is in the hospital. He breaks the unfortunate news that his ACL was a bigger issue than what they had hoped, “we will have to have another operation once all of this has calmed down, and have some motion”.

Going back to Portugal, we see the riders getting ready for Day 2 which will consist of the endurocross special. It transitions between some incredible on-board shots of Mani riding the endurocross as well as a whole lot of other riding shots of not just him, but other riders as well.

Endurocross results was a clean-sweep for the Factory KTM RedBull team as they went 1 (Jonny Walker), 2 (Taddy Blazusiak) and 3 (Mani Lettenbichler). Mani leaves a small video message for Paul, letting him know how the endurocross went the night before.

Day 3 begins with the track walk for the Prologue. There are a lot of camera shots of his on-board as he rips through the “City Prologue” showing off some great riding as well as some of the obstacles that the riders would have to endure throughout the prologue, including the barge heading into the start / finish area. This was an obstacle that was misjudged by Jonny Walker who unfortunately went swimming. The prologue results were 1) Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna), Taddy Blazusiak (KTM) and Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) rounding out the podium.

It switches back to Lisa and Paul. Paul mentions that with all the rain that was forecast, it would definitely be important to have the correct choice when it comes to tyres and mousse combinations. *Photo Credit: Future7 Media

Day 4 starts with the main race, which is what the most important part of the weekend is. This is followed by yet again, a lot of GoPro footage of the race which consists of many different areas including river –crossings, single track, forest and so much more.

Once again, another manufacturer dominated another days racing as Sherco took the number 1 (Mario Roman) and Number 2 (Wade Young) spots respectively. Mani ends the first race of the 2019 W.E.S.S series in third, which is the same result as what he got the year before.

For the full episode, you can see RedBull’s Motorsport YouTube Channel as well as RedBull TV for all the latest updates.

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