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With the continual rise in the various disciplines of enduro and the different branches of motorcycle racing, there is very few aspects that are quite as exciting as the brand “transfers” within the riders taking the next steps with either bigger teams, or taking the different path within a smaller team but with the chance for something much bigger.

These such moves are quite well-known to the South African guys when taking steps to securing rides within the hard endure scene in Europe and world-wide.

A perfect example being when it emerged that South African fan-favourite, Wade Young, announced that he had left the KTM South Africa team to join the Sherco Factory set-up for the South African races but also to join the main team in the racing the Hard-Enduro circuit on a much grander scene. A few years later, not only has the 22-year-old won some of the biggest races in the Hard-Enduro calendar but has also recently announced a contract extension with the brand.

Often racing the same circuit of racing as Young, Travis Teasdale also made the switch to a smaller brand in Beta. Travis Teasdale also sent shockwaves around social media when it was announced that he had left KTM South Africa’s squad and joined Italian outfit, Beta. He had a consistent year with many great results, but with little notice – he left the Italian manufacturer, and re-joined KTM but now joining the EuroTek KTM outfit.

With all of that being said, few could have predicted the announcement that was recently announced – Antoine Meo has joined Japanese outfit, Honda, aboard the RedMoto team. However, this doesn’t indicate a full-time return to the racing scene, with his intentions to only do a couple races such as Trefle Lozerien AMV and has also mentioned his intentions to possibly race ISDE in Portugal.

We broke down some of his notable career highlights:

2002: European Supercross Championship (125cc – Kawasaki) – 1st

2003: French Motocross Championship (250cc – Kawasaki) – 2nd

2008: World Enduro Championship (E2 – Husqvarna) – 5th

2009: World Enduro Championship (E1 – Husqvarna) – 2nd

2010: World Enduro Championship (E1 – Husqvarna) – 1st

2011: World Enduro Championship (E2 – Husqvarna) – 1st

2012: World Enduro Championship (E1 – KTM) – 1st

2013: World Enduro Championship (E1 – KTM) – 1st

In 2012 and 2013, Meo made the switch from Husqvarna to KTM and flushrished – taking a grand total of
24 World Enduro Championship wins in just two years (12 in 2012, and 12 in 2013 respectively).

2016: Dakar Rally (Factory Red Bull KTM) – 7th overall, including one stage win.

2018: Dakar Rally (Factory Red Bull KTM) – 4th overall, including one stage win.

With such an impressive feet, it will be interesting to see him onboard a new machine – once again.

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