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When you hear about Leatt’s all-new goggle range, there is a high chance that you have stumbled across the “Bulletproof” branding but is it really bulletproof or is it just something to grab your attention?

The answer is “yes” – the lens 2.7mm military spec lens allows for quick changing for your convenience. The lens itself was tested with 22 caliber revolver, to ensure it lives up to the “bulletproof” statements. The lens is dual lens with an anti-fogging lens on the inside, allowing for no fogging. Another big plus with the “bulletproof” lens is that the if you are out on the trials or at a race and you either come in contact with either rocks or a brand, you are able to know that your eyes will be protected and that you won’t be caught out by the unknown elements.

Often brands do not cater for riders who wear prescription glasses, and this is generally over-looked. Leatt has offered another “over the glass” fit which allows for riders to be able to wear these goggles but also allow for them to keep their glasses on as well. Notably, the outrigger system allows for quick and effective lens removal and changing. The frame itself is very strong and flexible whilst providing the necessary protection and movement.

The straps itself are 50mm which allows for greater surface area covers which will mean they are less likely to fall down whilst riding. With the easily adjustable tabs, allowing for easy movement and adjustability which is always convenient when you are out in the bush or in forests. For those who sweat a lot whilst riding, they have a great “triple layer dual density frame” with its anti-sweat fleece lining. This is 3 layers of dual density foam, and an anti-sweat fleece material that feels great around the face and will absorb the sweat.

In matter of opinion, some people take off their nose guards on their goggles and some keep it on. Leatt allows for easy application and removal if need be. One of their biggest selling points is not only the lens but also, their value for money – this is definitely something to keep in mind.

Unlike some other brands, Leatt’s velocity goggles will be available in over a dozen colours and also have the option for tear-offs and also roll-offs. The “Iris” lens will be available in 3 colours and the “standard” lens will be available in 6 colours.

This goggle was definitely designed with your safety in mind, and for various communities like enduro, downhill mountain bikers and various other forms of extreme sport. It is evident that Leatt have spent a lot of time developing the safest product on the market and have continued to strive forward as time has gone on.

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