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When it comes to the Dakar Rally, there is few riders who have names on a level of ‘Icon’ quite like Laia Sanz.
Not only has the Spanish rider finished the “World’s Toughest Rally” but she has conquered it and made it her own.

With the success of events, over and over again, riders are often asked with the simple question “What is next ?” and although it may sound like a simple question – finding an answer to those 3 words is often harder than what we may be able to comprehend.

However, Laia Sanz has answered that and the answer may or may not shock you. Enduro21 made the announcement that Laia Sanz would be lining-up to compete in the 2019 edition of the ErzburgRodeo in Austria.

The Austrian race is iconic and fitting for someone of her capabilities. Laia Sanz raced the prologue of the 2018 edition on her KTM 450 Rally bike; this is apparently where her interested for the race evolved.

She is attempting to make history, as the first female to win the race. The best result by a female thus far was done by Sandra Gomez,

sister of Alfredo Gomez, who reached a highly impressive checkpoint 14 of the 2017 edition. Notably, what many don’t realize is that Rally and Dakar weren’t Laia’s introduction to motorsport.

In 2000, Sanz participated in the “Spanish Cadet Championship” and won. This is one of her favourite titles, to this day. In 2000, they introduced of “Women’s Trials European Championship” as well as “Women’s Trials World Championship”. She competed in both, and was able to secure her first World title and a second in the European Championship. With such a strong showing, she was selected to be a member of the first instalment of the “Female Trial Des Nations” and she continued her dominance – winning it.

From that moment forward, she claimed the titles of many international competitions in the female categories. This included seven consecutive “Woman’s Trials World Championships” (2000-2006).

She continued with trials, and made her endure debut in the “Women’s Enduro World Championship” in 2010 on-board a Honda – finishing a respectable 3rd. This sparkles more interested, and so, she expanded her depths within motorsport and in 2011 she entered into her first Dakar Rally. She finished first in the female class, and an incredible 39th overall. Since then, she has continued to get better and better each year. With a wealth of experience in trials, it will be interesting to see how she fairs in the Erzburg mountains.

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