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“With a new year, comes change” and that could not be any more true
when it comes to Enduro Tours and our goals for 2019.

We will continue to offer the best packages to suit your riding needs when it comes to the riding of enduro within South Africa, and providing professional race services for KTM Husqvarna from our various services available including tyre changes, testing and bike setups. As well as offering an extensive package that will allow you to enjoy the race or ride, knowing that all bike related items and repairs will be taken care of.

Services including the washing of your bike in the evening as well as the servicing after we inspect the bike, starting the repair of any problems identified.

** Please note, spare parts fitted will be for the riders account. **

Not only that, but we will be present throughout every race day at the required service points where we offer spare parts, a quick service as well as food and drinks. Throughout all of this, we will also offer advice where required to improve your bike including mousse and tyre combinations, jetting, the setting up of your suspension and so much more - making sure you are ready for the terrain of any event.

For any more info, you can contact us at either: or +27 84 512 7470.

With all that being said, we will also be starting a new chapter in our all new “news” section where we will keep you up-to-date on all things Enduro related throughout South Africa as well as the scene across the globe. We are excited to start the promotion of events, rider profiling, bike maintenance, tech tips, new bike reviews, reports from our enduro tours, nutrition in motorsport, training tips (on and off the bike) and so much more. We will also be taking on suggestions from you all, as to what you would all like to see us either report on or review.

With that all being said, we would just like to thank everyone who was apart of our 2018 and continue to support us. We are excited to take you all on the journey and grow together.

Happy 2019, from us at Enduro Tours SA !

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