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There are very few products that have created as much hype as what the Fox VUE goggles, over the last couple years and here is why.

Exclusively designed and developed from German motocross legend, Ken Roczen, the VUE goggles were teased and came out with all-new technology as well as incredible styling.

Right off the bat, the biggest thing is Fox’s all-new quick changing system. It is definitely always a great plus if it is easy to change, especially in racing conditions when every second gone is time that could be utilised.

It is a somewhat straight forward system for removal and putting it back into the frame. You simply twist the frame on the top and it should pop right off, repeating this on both sides. From there, you can just pop them off and your lens should be off. The lens itself sits on two tabs. In order to put them back on correctly, just follow the above steps mentioned but in reverse.

The strap is a 45mm strap which means there is plenty of grip, so that your goggles are a lot less likely to fall down when riding regardless of what the conditions may be.

The venting on the goggle is something worth talking about; there are two vents on the bottom of the goggle as well as on the top, this allows for a lot of airflow within the goggle which helps with better breathing when riding which prevents the rider from overheating.

Notably, the VUE has the “Outrigger” which has been a “standard” for a lot of Fox’s direct competitors. The VUE goggles are available in 3 different colours, all of which come with a mirrored lens. Unfortunately, unlike a large portion of their competitors, Fox doesn’t include an extra lens when you purchase a pair but they do include 5 tear-offs.

When a company spends the time development with a world-class athlete like Ken Roczen, you know they are going to come with a product that will be labelled as a “game-changer” just like so many have done with him and his story.

Being such an innovative brand, they continue to push the boundaries whilst making it just as cool – definitely retaining their status as one of the “best” brands in the World, regardless of what discipline of motorcycle riding and racing one does.

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