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A few weeks ago, we covered the FOX V1 helmet with the amazing MVRS system. What no-one new, nor expected was that FOX had an all-new FOX V3 2019 in the works and it dropped instantly after the reveal.

So, what is new and how have they taken their helmet to the “next level”? If you are a fan of the V3 range then we would recommend looking the new V3 from a new light, as this helmet is quite literally “all-new”.

As we have seen with a large portion of Fox’s range, the fit is “true to size” and will fit perfectly. A cool feature of the helmets is the fact that each size has its own shell sizing, which means that the different helmet sizes will also have different weights as well.

A notable part of the helmet is the chin-bar and eye-socket part helmet is separate from the shell of the helmet, this is for an even stronger and safe frame for the rider as well as even reducing the weight of the helmet.

Just looking at the helmet, it is clear that there is venting – and a whole bunch of it. This is great if you are riding for long periods of time and are prone to overheating or are riding for long periods of time in hot conditions, this will help cool you down nicely.

If you take a look at the back of the helmet, there is a small gap and the reason for that is for “neck-brace compatibility”) which is something new. With the visor, it still has the MVRS system. If you read the article done on the FOX V1 helmet, you would know that stands for “Magnetic Visor Release System”.

They have however improved the strength of the visor which is a great improvement for if roost were to hit the visor. Taking a look inside the helmet, the padding in the helmet is washable which is always welcomed for the days when you sweat a little more in the climbs than usual.

When taking out the padding, you will notice blue pods. You are probably wondering what these pods are and why are they in my helmet. These are the “FI Pods”, “FI” stands for “Fluid Inside” and is an all-new safety technology from FOX – notably, they are the only company who is using these. These are used to absorb impacts and minimise injuries even further. They don’t only absorb linear related crashes but also absorb energy on the lower speed falls.

The FI Pods will be the all-new safety standard for FOX, and they will no longer use the MIPS System for the V3 range. There will be a total of 7 FI Pods in every helmet. With Fox continuing to push the boundaries even further each year, it is definitely going to be interesting to see how they can grow and even “one-up” themselves – once again.

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