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There are very few brands out there that make riding gear for a specific type of riding, but Fox has changed all of that.

First introducing the off-road version of their iconic “Instinct” boot – they have since launched the “Legion Gear” which focuses on providing not only comfortability but also the protection and gear's durable enough for the harsh off-road terrain.

An angle that may or may not be overlooked is something as common as the gloves. The Fox Legion gloves has a lot of hard rubber on the back, this adds for extra protection against all trails. What you don’t see is the fleece that is underneath the entire back of your hand which allows for warmth when you ride in colder weather.

When having a look at the riding jersey, it is important to remember that the Legion gear is based around the 360 gear which does have more of an athletic feel to it. It does allow for a bit more stretch, and we must note that if you wear your chest protector under your jersey that you may have to get a size bigger than you usually do to allow for that athletic feel.

A notable aspect of the jersey is the way that the sleeves are much more durable and ready to tackle any terrain. This allows for you to be better protected for the abrasive when falling, or for it to rip when it gets snapped on something such whilst riding.

Like the jersey, the pants also have the “athletic” feel to them but they do fit true to size (even if you are wearing knee braces). It is clear to see that they want to make it more durable and greater functionality.

There is a lot of stretch panels throughout the pants, ensuring that it will be functional when you need to move around when you ride and ensure the utmost mobility when needed. It is a bit of a stiffer material but because of the stretch materials that are built-in, it is still very comfortable and works well with the rider’s movements.

A very cool feature is the vents, each thigh has their own vent which will come in handy when you require some airflow on the hotter days as well as a small pocket.

It is always interesting to take a look at the way’s companies vary and try to adapt to a specific market, and we hope to see more products from other brands adapt from motocross gear to stuff that is make specifically for the off-road community.

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