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Introduced in 2018, the all-new FOX V1 with MVRS was launched. The V1 has always been the entry level helmet from Fox, but they have definitely stepped up their game and introduced something that is more desirable to all buyers.

When we say “all-new” there is definitely no denying that, as it has been completely redesigned and styled.

Just looking at the helmet, a notable attraction of the helmet is most definitely the venting system. The chin bar includes a lot of venting, from the mouthpiece as well as two huge vents along the chin bar, two vents below the visor, and a further 4 more vents on the back of the helmet. With an impressive 9 vents in total.

MVRS stands for “Magnetic Visor Release System”. This system was extremely popular with the V3 range of helmets, however there is some differences.

The magnetic visor was introduced so that the riders don’t have their movements altered based on their falling angles.

The visor itself consists of a magnet in the middle and then just snaps into place on the sides, but with that being said, it is definitely stuck-on strong and won’t just “pop” off at the slightest of movements. The peak is quite easily removable with a little bit of force, but you are able to put it back into place with no real hassle.

All of the inner-padding of the helmet is removable with a rather simple snap-system, which makes washing and drying of it rather simple.

When removing the inner helmet padding, you will notice that the moulded padding in itself is different around the crown of the helmet and the surrounds – this is to protect your head when you experience slower crashes and the “smaller” crashes and absorb it all.

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