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Part 3

In this episode, he shows us around the Redbull KTM setup and what it takes “behind the scenes” to win the Dakar Rally.
It is the day before the final stage and Toby, as always, is in a good mood and joking around with those around him.

*Photo credit: Marcin Kin

Since his previous episode, he has remained a constant within the top 5 for each stage and has taken over the lead overall. With that being said, Toby mentioned previously that he was aiming for a podium as his ride time was minimal before Dakar after sustaining a wrist injury that kept him off the bike until just days before the testing for Dakar started.

After taking photos with the guys from Toyota Gazoo Racing, he goes on a tour of the truck and that is when the real “behind the scenes” begins. The tour starts with the tires and here, we find out that the two trucks carry around 100 sets of tires – 50 per truck, which is for the 7 bikes that the factory team looks after for the entire rally.

The truck pretty much supplies the riders with everything they need with things like work tables, tents, coffee and chairs.

He also shows off the small, but crafty work space for the mechanics where they can do engine rebuilds (if necessary) (engine rebuilds are not permitted in the race without the occurrence of a penalty) and where the guys from WP are able to do fork services and general work.

There is also a work space for the guys are able to analyze the bike data from the various stages and parts of the stage, with also showing off loads of spares that they have to have on-hand in case of emergency or the damaging of parts throughout the race.

A notable part, is when they talk about the allocation part of the various parts used throughout. They simply scan the items needed and are able to allocate the part to whoever requires it. This is handy because it allows for accurate stock-take and allows for the team to see who requires what, and so forth.

It is always interesting to see these types of videos, as very few people are ever able to see these behind the scenes and actually know what goes on. This allows you to not only see what goes on, but also what the people are really like and how they treat one another.

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