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Part 2

*Photo credit: Marcin Kin

In the beginning of the next episode, we see two legends of motorsport in Casey Currie, who is a Dakar rookie, and Toby Price chatting about Dakar and what their expectations are for the 2019 edition.

We not only follow Toby, but all the various teams and support crew members into a briefing, where the non-French-speaking attendees wear innovative in-ears that allow for the dialogue to be translated into English.

The following day sees Toby and his team join the fellow riders in their signing in process and technical inspections, where he bumps into yet another legend in Andrew Short. During this process, the riders are required to attend a compulsory GPS training class – where they cover aspects such as: Course to Waypoint, Distances, Speed over ground and finally, Checkpoint neutralization, Waypoint directions.

During the technical inspections, the officials take off various parts of the bikes and make markings on multiple components of the engine to make sure that the teams and riders are unable to work on the motors through the course of the race.

An incredibly important part of Dakar is the navigation, and the roadbooks – riders use various colours to indicate all the different markings on it, including turns, waypoints, dangers and riverbeds etc.

With the start of the rally, the exciting part begins for Toby and the rest of the competitors. Without pushing himself or his injured wrist too much, he finished the day - securing a 6th in the first day.

A tired Price talks about his marathon stage beginning, and his expectations for the remainder of the rally. Upon the arrival of the rest day, Toby and the Factory Red Bull KTM’s team doctor head off to the hospital to get an update on his broken wrist and whether it was getting any worse.

And with that, the video is cut and finished for the second episode of his vlog series. With these videos, we are being welcomed into different aspects of Toby’s journey and it shows off the personality that so many people have come to know and expect from him – showing us all why, he is a clear “fan-favourite”.

For the full video, you can watch it here:

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