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Part 1

If you have ever sat back whilst watching the Dakar Rally and wondered to yourself, “Wow, I wonder what it must be like to be one of the guys on one of the factory teams?” – then, congratulations. You are like a large majority of us. Lucky for us, Toby Price has taken to YouTube and posted behind the behind the scenes, covering large portions of the race that we do not get the chance to see or hear about.

In the first installment, we follow Toby and his journey from Australia to New Zealand, and then onto Peru for the 2019 edition of the Dakar Rally.

*Photo credit: Marcin Kin

Like many of us, a morning isn’t quite complete with a coffee, and so, Toby Price is just the same. We see Toby pack his bags, grab a coffee and head-off to airports with one of his mates. After his flights, he shows us a shot of all his gear bags and luggage where he jokingly says “How are we going to fit all of this into a Corolla?” but somehow manages.

Giving us a small tour of his hotel room which he shares with Sam Sunderland, before the start of the big race. It is always a welcome sight to see the pair in a joking mood, where Toby hides Sam Sunderland’s bags. The pair gear-up, ready to do some final testing on their race bikes and fine tune everything, before everything begins.

Price, who was still struggling with his broken wrist that hadn’t healed up one hundred percent, before the start of the race did some riding in the dunes and didn’t look as if there were any issues with the bike or himself – a welcoming sign for all involved with the team, as well as all of his and KTM’s supporters.

The Factory KTM riders made a guest appearance at one of the KTM dealerships in Peru, where the team got the chance to meet their fans, sign some autographs, answer some questions and talk about the 2019 edition of the rally and what they hoped to achieve. A lot of people may think that because the guys are so good, that they’d be sleeping in hotels every night of the rally but this isn’t true at all. Toby gives us a little tour of the camper-van that he, and Sam Sunderland would be sharing throughout the race. Showing us a look at the setup of the “factory” rider in such a massive event.

Toby later joins Sam Sunderland, Luciano Benavides and Laia Sanz for a press / media gig with Redbull, discussing their past rallies and their plans. It is quite astounding to see how many people are involved for one team, with the support crew just to cover a single team.

With smooth transitions from frame-to-frame and some great time-lapse shots, it is a great “vlog” and we look forward to see what else the Australian covers over his installments of not only the Dakar but also throughout the year.

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