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In episode 6 of Motorcycle Maintenance Essentials with Lyndon Poskitt in partnership with Motorex – Lyndon covers the fundaments of the Fork Maintenance and why it is so important. When it comes to maintenance, it is often easier to get a professional to help you as this way – you can ensure that it is done correctly and you do not risk doing it wrong.

It is always important to make sure they you get the best quality fork oil if you are doing it yourself. It is advised to get an oil that separates the air from the oil as quickly as possible. It is highly important to chose an oil that is professional grade to ensure this.

Lyndon recommends Racing Fork Oil by Motorex, as they have spent a lot of time within the development of the oil for everybody – whether you are a regular rider, or whether you are the person behind the scenes doing fork services for others.

This oil allows for the forks to work at their absolute best through all terrains and types of riding, whether they are the most extreme or a relax Sunday ride. He mentions that on his travels, he has only ever had to change the seals and the oil – allowing for a good service and no internal component damage.

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