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When it comes to maintenance, there is little that is as frequent and as necessary as cleaning your air filter. It is extremely important as an incorrectly oiled air filter or incorrectly fitted air filter can lead to engine-ware which ultimately, no-one wants. When you take off your filter to clean, always have a look and have a see how much dirt is on the inside – your answer should be “none” as this is a good indication that you are following the correct steps in doing the best maintenance possible.

With that being said; this article is another “Motorcycle Maintenance Essentials” in partnership with Lyndon Poskitt and Motorex. He stresses the importance of checking your airbox, “it is often a good indication of a leaking intake system or your filter is not working correctly.” A common mistake when cleaning filters, is the usage of petrol to clean your filter as it gets rid of all the dirt and oil. Although this is true, in the fact that it is able to get rid of the unwanted impurities, but over time – it will also breakdown the glue as well as the structural integrity of the filter, itself. When cleaning it, always make sure it is as clean as possible and is not left with any impurities as this will entire that it will be able to used to its full capability.

Another key point is making sure the filter is as dry as often when you are wanting to oil your filter. There are two different ways to clean your filters, you can either using the spray cleaner or the traditional liquid cleaner – it all comes to personal preference.

An important pointer is that you should always make sure your entire filter has oil on it, before getting rid of the excess oil. Another important aspect, is making sure you do not have too much oil as this leads to a messy airbox, and also less airflow through your filter. Always make sure that it is installed correctly and you will be ready to ride. To watch Lyndon’s full video, click on the link: https://4J9BoowD7iM

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