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When it comes to engine oils, there is so many different brands and different price points, making it often rather difficult to find the best one to suit your budget and your bike and we hope that this article will help you with that.

On this new episode of “Motorcycle Maintenance Essentials” in partnership with Motorex and Lyndon Poskitt, he will be covering engine oil and the best approaches to finding the best one for your bike and your budget.

The biggest 2 key points covered are the following: - Correct specifications: This is extremely important, as not all bikes are built the same – nor do they all have the same technology. The specifications can be brand associations or what is recommended by the brand – this is more often that not covered within the owner’s manual or can be recommended by that brands respective dealerships or stores. This is important as it will protect the structural integrity of the bike’s internal components.

- Viscosity: This is another word used for the thickness of the oil. This is important as different viscosity levels make the oil react different ways, at various temperatures whether it is at high temperatures or when your bike is still cold.

When you take all of this into account, you will be able to look after all the internal bits of your bike, which often get overlooked which will eventually help with your re-sale value of the bike and the long-term maintenance of your bike, meaning less stress off the bike and more enjoyment on the bike for many more weekends to come For Lyndon’s video, click on the following link:

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