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In episode 5 of Motorcycle Maintenance Essentials with Lyndon Poskitt in partnership with Motorex – Lyndon covers the fundaments of the various aspects of your chassis maintenance.

There are various parts of the bike including the linkage on the suspension, steering stem bearings and the sliders on the calipers that require greasing. Some of which are areas that are under strain throughout the ride through the various bumps.

For this, he recommends Grease 2000. This product is great because it sticks to the components and doesn’t ware off when it needs to be well lubricated, and a big plus is it is water resistant allowing for you to be able to ride through various bodies of water and they will stay lubricated and won’t be affected by the water.

When choosing a brake fluid that works best for you, it is always important to check things such as the heat resistance – especially if you are racing and you put a lot of strain on your brakes, with the heat. With that being said, it is also extremely important for you to make sure you choose the correct clutch oil for your bike and your riding style. It is always important to make sure you change both your brake fluid and your clutch oils to ensure that you are not at risk in running low.

Next, he showcases a product that he labels as “one of my favourites” in the ‘Power Brake Clean’ which he does not just use to clean his brakes and brake systems, but also casings and it allows for easy cleaning with grease and various others.

His final product is the coolant, and why it is so important. This allows for your bike to be cooled correctly and clean within the cooling systems. Protecting the bike from various elements.

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