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When it comes to motorsport and the motorcycle industry, there are few brands that stick out as much as Bell does.
Whether you ask someone who was a part of the new era of the 21st century or people racing around to school and back in the 1980’s, the new range of Bell helmets will surely become instant classics just like the Bell Moto 3 has become.

Bell boasts a range of 3 different models: focusing on different price ranges, different safety levels, looks and colour schemes within the Bell MX-9, Bell Moto 9 and finally, the Bell Moto 9 Flex.

Launched in 2018, the MX-9 entered Bell into a more unknown market focusing on ‘cost efficiency’ and safety with the MIPS (or “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System”). Available in both MX-9 Adventure MIPS and MX-9 MIPS.

Bell MX-9 Marauder

Bell MX-9 Adventure with “MIPS”

Bell Moto 9

Moto 9

With everything being said in regards to the MIPS available within the MX-9, there is no denying that the Moto 9 is just as safe with its tri-composite shell which boasts DOT Certified and its innovative EQRS (Emergency Quick Removal System).

The padding of the Moto 9 is rather easy to remove; this is mostly because of the EQRS cheek pad removal system. Instead of using studs like majority of other helmet manufacturers, Bell uses super-strong magnets. This same magnetic system is used with Bell’s chin-straps.

With the current colour schemes available, there are loads of options available for all - regardless of your style or the “personality” you want to show-off on the track.

The Moto 9 was the benchmark for safety as well as style until 2014, when Bell introduced the Moto 9 FLEX.


A notable difference between the Moto 9 vs Moto 9 FLEX is the venting system within the FLEX vs the lack of within the Moto 9. The flex allows for vents within the chin of the helmet, as well 9 vents in the front of the helmet. This allows more airflow and more spaces to allow air in, allowing you to cool down quicker.

You can tell that with the Moto 9 FLEX that Bell spent a lot of time in their research, as well as development for this helmet as there are very little things you can think of when it comes to safety that Bell has not used or utilised.

The Flex has refined how people are approaching safety when it comes to motorcycles, whether you are a full-time racer or a weekend-warrior - there is no substitute for safety, especially with its carbon composite shell.

A major plus in the Moto 9 FLEX is the way Bell use 3 layers of material that help provide absorption of the impact, for various speeds.

Bell continues to take input from followers and their racers, trying to continue to push the envelope and improve as each model gets released.

The fact that they are some of the best-looking helmets on the market is a definite plus on every front.

With all that being said, you can tell why it is the helmet of choice for South African heavy-weights in Enduro including Travis Teasdale and Blake Gutzeit, as well America’s Cody Webb and Taylor Robert.

Bell Moto-9 Flex Hound

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