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A few weeks back we covered the 2019 Tech 10 range from Alpinestar. This week, we are reviewing the Alpinestar Tech 3 Stella range – a more entry-level boot, but packed with loads of notable features in the technology behind all the safety.

The biggest difference before you look at any of the technology is the look of the boot. Previously, the old Tech 3 range looked similar to a moon-boot and somewhat too wide. The new tech 3 however has taken the looks and technology from the higher ranges and incorporated so much to ensure you are well protected, regardless of which range you decide to get.

An awesome feature is the re-enforced shin area which makes sure that if you are riding and put your foot down too quickly or sharply, your leg and shin will be protected extremely well. As well as having a well re-enforced toe box area extending to all around the boot.

In a lot of the more “entry-level” boots, there is usually less flex in the boots which means that your range of motion and movement is often a lot less which becomes quite restrictive. The tech 3 has an ankle pivot system on both sides.

On the inside of the boot, there is a lot of panelling to help promote the “grip” to ensure that you are able to be as comfortable when riding whether you are standing or sitting.

The placement of the buckles is somewhat genius, as they seem to be strategically placed so that the chance of them being unbuckled when riding or in the circumstance of you falling over.

The sole on the boot is the same as the sole that we have seen on the Tech 7 boots. They are definitely designed around grip and giving you the most possible grip when riding. The front section of the sole is grooved and is to maximise movement as well as grip with your rear brake and your gear levers.

The middle is an almost dimple like pattern which is somewhat new and is meant to minimise the slipping when you are standing on the pegs. With all that being said, it is impressive to see so much technology and safety features taken from the Tech 7 and Tech 10 range to make an affordable boot that is also at a reasonable price point.

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