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When it comes to style and safety, it is safe to say that Alpinestar and their “Tech 10”range is in the forefront of that, not only are they known for their bold colour schemes but they continue to push the boundaries with safety and technology to help improve the feel of your ride.

2019 is no different to this, however, take all of that and throw it out the window as although they do look familiar but there has been a lot of changes made. A notable stand-out is that the boot fit, ‘true to size’ as well as a wider toe box which allows for a more comfortable fit for those riders who may have wider feet than others.

There is a massive change in the mount of suede within the outside of the boot as well, which was a problem with the scratching and staining of ones plastics when riding. This also allows for much easier cleaning of the boot which is a great added bonus.

With the buckle system, they are the same buckles as the year before but they are noticeably thicker. This is great to hear, as it allows for easy removal, regardless of how muddy your boots may be. A cool addition is that there is a raised “protection” lip on the front of the boot, so this will be able to protect your buckle more if it does come lose for some reason.

The pivot system is now incorporated on both the medial and the lateral side of the boot, this allows for flex straight-out of buying the boot rather than having to “break-in” the boots as you would in previous years.

Something new, is the “Frontal Flex Control System” which is located in the front of the boot between your two bottom buckles. This is a little insert attached to the bottom of the bottom buckle and also your buckle at the top. This allows for the boot to have flex, but act as a shock absorber from the big impacts.

The iconic “bootie” system of the Tech 10’s is just as iconic as the boot itself. It has been completely redesigned. Some people argue that it is more of an ankle brace than an inner-bootie as it offers substantial ankle protection. It is designed to give support to the rider’s ankle, rather than just giving the rider a more snug feel with the boot.

Finally, a big talking point is the new sole with an all new dual density sole. The grooves on the boot itself are hard not to notice, this is for rider weight distribution.

A big plus, is that the sole is replaceable.

With the boundaries being pushed each year with design, comfort and all round “style” it will be interesting to see where Alpinestar can improve on an already impressive boot.

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