Grundge Border


With the 2019 hard-enduro season coming up, sooner and sooner, focus shifted to the 2019 edition of the ‘24MX Alestrem’ race where some of the big names were out to show what they had in store for the 2019 season, with the likes of Graham Jarvis, Mario Roman, Manuel Lettenbichler and South Africa’s very own – Wade Young.

The race would start with a “staggered-start” where the riders would have to run to start their bikes, and start the race – the making of some great racing. Wade Young was able to get a great start on his Sherco, with Mario Roman right on his tail in hot pursuit of his team-mate, with Wade capturing a great holeshot.

Wade lead a chasing pack, consisting of Manuel Lettenbichler and Mario Roman through a rocky climb with a few riders within a couple seconds of the top 3 but where was favourite, Graham Jarvis through all this? Graham unfortunately did not get as good of a start as what the top 3 did, with Jarvis having to play the “catch up” game. Through the chaos of all of this, Manuel Lettenbichler was able to make a move on Young to take over the lead. Remarkably, Graham was able to make up a lot of time and also get-by with Wade Young falling down into third, just seconds behind.

With Manuel Lettenbichler looking comfortable, he started running into back-markers but would this be a problem with a chasing Jarvis close behind? Coming through a rocky section Manuel Lettenbichler, Graham Jarvis and Wade Young were all within mere seconds of one another, with none of them making mistakes nor wanting to let up much. This section was rather tricky, with a large portion of the slower riders taking the “chicken line” as it was a lot easier on the rider, as well as the bike.

Next, came some of the steepest climbs. Jarvis was able to take over the lead from Manuel Lettenbichler, and making it up the climb with ease – in true “Jarvis style”. However, it was a bit of a shock when it was Lettenbichler or Young to get to the climb next, but rather Mario Roman who got up the climb with ease as well. Next followed, was Young who wasn’t able to make it up his first attempt but his second attempt was much better with him getting up before getting some assistance from the crowd near the top, just to get the last bit up. Lettenbichler, who is known for his ability to find traction on these insane climbs was next, however, he seemed a bit burnt out after chasing and also required some assistance to get up the final bit of climb.

Approaching the final climb of the day, it was Graham Jarvis who came out first. The British rider barely taking a second to look at the climb before approaching it with full confidence – making it up with minimal effort. Mario Roman, taking a slower approach at the bottom of the climb before making it out onto the top. With Young and Manuel Lettenbichler following to join Jarvis and Roman at the finish.

With the 2019 season starting soon, Graham Jarvis showed everyone that he is still just as quick and ready to fight for the wins, taking a well-deserved win on the day. It was a notable day out for Sherco, who secured both second (Mario Roman) and third (Wade Young) place.

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