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There has been a lot of chatter around Airflaps, not only just in South Africa but also on an international level across various principles including Hard Enduro as well as motocross.

Installation is somewhat straight forward, and there is a great installation video on their website which covers each section and it also includes some tips on ensuring that it is fitted correctly.

When purchasing a box of Airflaps, you get the following: The Airflaps system, sticker of the Airflaps logo and then the instructions.

To install the system: you simply clean the surfaces of the sides of your helmet, put the Airflaps system under your goggle where you can chose the position that fits best, you can soften the Airflaps with a hairdryer which will allow it to mould better to your helmet, you will then remove the sticker from the rear of the flaps and stick it in your marked off areas on the helmet.

The “sticky” levels increase over time. 50 percent after 20 minutes, 90 percent after 24 hours and 100 percent after 72 hours. A welcomed feature of Airflaps is that it not only supports standard goggles, but also supports Roll-Off’s. This is extremely handy when you are racing in either muddy or wet conditions.

Airflaps main focus is ventilation, with preventing overheating and the reduction of fog formation being a key point. It is definitely an incredible invention for the riders who are serious about their racing and have issues with overheating and don’t want to waste time to remove their goggles.

Using the system is rather straight forward, and you are able to “activate” it quite simply whilst riding with simply pushing the level on each side to allow the flaps to open. With all that being said, it is clear to see why riders such as Tony Cairoli use such a system.

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