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Slowly becoming one of the biggest goggle manufacturers and brands across all principles of motorcycle racing, we had a look and broke down the 100% Goggle range focusing on the: The Strata, The Accuri and The Racecraft.

The biggest commonality between all three is the lens. It is a scratch resistant lens, which will fit all of the above mentioned. This means that you are able to get the mirror lens as well as the clear. With all that being said, let us focus on each goggle one by one and work our way across.

First up, we have the “Strata” range.

The Strata range is the “entry-level” goggle from 100% but don’t get us wrong, it is a great set of goggles. The frame on the Strata is somewhat different to the others, being a different plastic compound.

The foam used is also somewhat different. It is single density foam, which will still fit well to your face and absorb most moisture. With the single density foam, it does feel loose at times. A great feature of the Strata is that it does allow for the “Mud System” which is basically 100 %’s roll-off system for the muddy races.

Another difference is the strap used. This is only a 40mm silicon strap, which just has the screened logo opposed to the others with an almost embroiled logo.

The next range is the “Accuri” which is considered as their “middle” range goggle.

The Accuri will give you a great mix of comfort and it being secure on your face, opposed to the “loose” feel as mentioned with the Strata.

An awesome plus in the amount of ventilation in the frame itself, as well as a dual density foam which just adds to that comfortability factor and overall fit against the helmet and your face.

The Accuri is also the introduction to the various colour-ways as well as rather cool designs. This is great if you want your gear to have some extra personality and to be somewhat different to everyone else’s. They change their colour and patterns quite often so be sure to get a set if you see something that really appeals to you and your flow. The strap is somewhat bigger than the Strata – this has a 45mm strap, which is a whole 5mm more which allows the strap to grip better to your helmet.

Finally, we have the “Racecraft” which is their “top of the range” and the best of the best.

The first thing you will notice when you pick up a pair of the Racecrafts is the “outrigger” system. One of the main reasons is it allows for tear-offs. Although this is available throughout the range, the Racecraft just makes more sense. Another cool feature is the fact that you get 10 tear-off strips when you purchase the Racecraft’s.

With the Racecraft, you get the option of being able to remove the nose piece. This obviously is a big plus for if you are someone who doesn’t want one but also in case it doesn’t allow for your helmets design. The Racecraft has the most ventilation, which allows for better breathing and makes you less prone to overheating when riding.

It is great to see someone making a range of products that caters to all markets, whether you are starting out or someone who is planning to take their racing to the next level.

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